Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Resurrecting more dead stuff: Super Cyber Boys Company

Oh yeah we're doing that again. This time I'm going to show off something that I once brought up several years back without giving much info on what it was, and now here's a more in-depth analysis.

What you're looking at is a short-lived field play/stage show from Japan in 2008, featuring a trio dressed up in white and orange named the "CCB Super Cyber Boys" (C-C-B 超サイバーボーイ), presented by "Tokyo P.R.O."

Unfortunately, pretty much everything associated with the trio is now all-dead and I can't seem to discover anything worthwhile via Google. All that pretty much remains is this promotional render with cartoon versions of the main trio released back when they first performed.

Of course there's also my attempt at making a colored render of the main band member but it's not really relevant:

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