Sunday, September 18, 2016

3D Maze Man OST (fixed links)

Here's another OST, ripped and edited to be as accurate as possible to the original game. This time it's 3D Maze Man, a Pac-Man clone form 1998, and one of my childhood favorites. It's a somewhat controversial game, between being bundled with all sorts of suspicious programs and getting pulled from the market in 2000. On the plus side it has some great tunes, composed by Ariel Gross.

This soundtrack has the themes of all ten worlds across all 5 games in the series (3D Maze Man, 3D Maze-Man: Winter Wonderland, Ms. Maze: Tropical Adventures, 3D Frog Man, and 3D Munch Man II).


Anonymous said...

Terrific! These songs are deeply embedded in the stuff of my childhood. Thanks for taking the time to share an obscure OST with the world.

Roger Dodger said...

Link is dead, could we possibly get a re-upload? I've been searching everywhere for the 3D Frogman OST. Thanks brudda

Justin De Lucia said...

Oh crap, let me get a mirror up and I'll re-upload it.