Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chinese Arkanoid- a Hack Preview

Greetings everyone. As you can see from the above screenshots I have decided to create a ROM hack of the NES port of Taito's arcade smash hit Arkanoid. This hack was constructed based on a Chinese translation (of the Japanese version) you can find online, and unlike Dragon Eye Studios' Dimension of DOH, this hack intends to feel more like an official game with proper difficulty, decent power-up capsule placement (so it feels randomized like mostly every other Arkanoid clone), and 32 levels created based on a Chinese theme. It was constructed thanks to the "Arkalavista" utility by Trax, whom I'm assisting with to further advance the emulator so it becomes more user-friendly and not as complex to use (especially compared to the original 1.0 release of the utility) by someone who's not familiar with hexes or ROM hacking in general.

I'll release this onto Romhacking.net once it's ready.

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