Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Otaku-Ball post (hopefully) coming soon

Hey everyone. Just wanted to mention that I may upload in a few days a post regarding my idea to create the world's greatest Breakout/Arkanoid clone: Otaku-Ball. In the meantime, I'll give you the planned block graphics to be included in the game. There's more, but this is what I have for now.
You can find more on my Photobucket "Sprite Sheets" folder.


Whata said...

Long time no see Justin, I was back from Turkey for about 3 weeks but then school started so I didin't have time to go on the internet. Anyway I'm back and I have looked at your blocks for your new game Otaku-Ball and I think they look great, I looked online and I found some sprites for you. If you don't have a paddle or ball for game then I found one here


I have a cool breakout clone with cool graphcs that I found and I have also have a few ideas for gimmicks but the gimmicks cannot be explaned by words alone so I will make a picture explaning the gimmicks later. If you don't have a program to make to the game than I recamand game maker 8.1.

One last thing, is that SMBS remake still being made or is it canceled. It's a very imporant question, please answer it.

From Whata

Justin De Lucia said...

I already have the ship/paddle graphics planned out in excessive detail. It will be done in the same style as Ricochet, but with much different ships. Think of the player's fighter ship in Galaga holding the paddle from Ricochet and launching a live ball.

Here's the image.


As for game programing, I would like to do the programing from scratch so I can do things Game Maker doesn't have/allow. Plus feel free to explain the gimmicks, or just point me out to the source of the clones/gimmicks.

The SMBS remake is still in production, but it'll have to be put on hold.

Justin De Lucia said...

Whoops, let me try that again.


Whata said...

Sorry it took long but I had lot's of work to do in school. I would have made a picture but nealy every idea in breakout has been done before but I got one that nobody has never done before.

How about a spike (or bunch of spikes) that does not move but telliports around the place randomly, if the ball touches it, the ball will be destroied and you lose a life.

Here is some good breakout clones that you should play for ideas, ignore Arkanoid and Devil’s Crush. I have played them all except Devil’s Crush, Kirby’s Block Ball and Shatter. I play then for at least 1 level to get me an idea of what the game is like.


another cool game I played is the Block Kuzushi for MAME


There is seems to be confusion between different that happened to be called "Block Kuzushi". It is just a generic name for breakout clones in Japan. The games titled Block Kuzushi are all distinct games and should not be considered as a series. See wikipedia below for proof.


From Whata.