Saturday, May 28, 2011

Old Superjustinbros vs. Poppy Bro Fan.

Nothing in trying to direct all my friends to attack a hater, but honestly.

Look at what this person, known as Poppy Bro Fan, said about (but not directly to) me last December. Apparently this guy doesn't know the difference between the "New Justin" and the "Old Justin"

"There used to be a major lolcow back in the days. His name is Superjustinbros, and i'm pretty sure you might remember him from the Fandom Rape entry. He used to be such a troll, there were multiple blog entries about his ill temper and superior attitude. He also advertised this "Franchise" he was making, called "Super Justin" where he was the main character (Lawl, self insert Stu) who got to bang Trauare Wrede, of all people, and fuck up Rosenkreuzstilette in general. He claimed the Rosenkreuzstilette girls were his own creations, which was a blatant lie, and stole several people's RKS fancharacters, shoehorning them into his "Franchise". Since it's easy for me to get homesick, i read up on things happening in Japan a lot. This is how i first found out about Rosenkreuzstilette and their creators, [erka;es] and WOMI. And how i also found out about his screwing over the series with his "Franchise". He's now long since killed his behavior, but to honor the sooncoming Freudenstachel, hey, i thought he needed a memory."

But he wasn't done yet.

"Another thing he's famous for? Drawing "Sexypics" of the RKS girls that make me want to tear my eyes out."
*Insert his anatomy rage-filled shit*

Yeah. ANATOMY. The one thing that everyone hates about my art. And to make things even more gay-tarted, everyone on there is seriously gender-confused. I got a dick, not a Vagina. I don't have big boobs, and I'm not a baby makin' machine.

Reposting my FAQS from last year regarding what he's saying about my out-of-date personality...

"What is Super Justin and why did you cancel it?"
The Super Justin series (which for some time, I referred to as a "franchise") was intended to be a series of Super Mario/Sonic the Hedgehog hybrids staring myself, as a japanese fourteen year-old boy dressed mostly in blue defending the world against various different enemies. The two main reasons why it was cancelled was because 1. to avoid copyright issues with the characters I had stolen, such as Grolla Seyfarth from Rosenkreuzstilette and Roark from Pokemon, and 2. because I couldn't take anymore negative criticism, as it was driving me to insanity.

"Were you once an art thief?"
During my first few weeks of activity on deviantART, yes. As I spent gradually more time, I started doing it less until the content of my artwork became entirely original work hand-drawn by me. (even if it's fanart of someone else's character.) Although I was still pretty much stealing when it comes to the Super Justin Wiki, which had all of its content entirely removed by me not long ago. At first, I thought I could easily get away with it, as I have seen multiple people on deviantART upload stuff with copyrighted material, (I guess since nobody reported them) but after thinking it out for a bit, I soon took action and removed the stolen content immediately, making it something I no longer have to worry about. Bottom line, I stopped stealing artwork/characters, and never will again.

"I heard you used to act like a troll. Is that true?"
Yes, I will admit I was once a terrible troll. But now I have been maturing, and I know better not to troll. But the reason I was is because I wanted to get popular by telling people to "check out my gallery" as well as "I drew him/her too". If you were to look at some of the really bad troll-comments on dA I had made, you would see a reply from me saying something like "Why did I say that?".

"Why did you go around telling everyone that Rosenkreuzstilette was worse than your "franchise" and insulated [erka:es]?"
This is somewhat difficult to explain in full detail, but if you want to know, I can spare some details on what was going on.

Personally, while I do like playing the Mega Man games a lot, I prefer the Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog series overMega Man, which is possibly why I said my "franchise" would surpass Rosenkreuzstilette, but that turned out to be a big mistake, since for one thing, I didn't even make a game for that "franchise", so there was absolutely nothing to compare RKS to. Plus, to add to all this ruckus, I even said it was "too scary," saying the game's colors weren't that colorful. Looking back, I can see this game was intended for a older audience than I had expected, so I withdrew that useless complaint, seeing how a good game doesn't have to be colorful, and have practically every stage take place in a dungeon/castle/fortress/tower. (and let's not forget the religious symbols.)

For the insulating [erka:es] part, the prime thing I said was they were "uncreative", due to many of the elements, characters, and enemies from the original RKS being based on or inspired by various things from other popular video game series. After some time, I soon released what I had said was wrong, as [erka:es] does in fact have a good amount of creativity that they're able to create something that's worth playing for the fun, and of course, the nostalgic factor. I have tried apologizing to them, but they have yet to respond.

(Yes, I'm willing to admit I made many mistakes back then, and I'm sure I will never again.)

Someone please tell him to stop this serious s%it. I know it';s outdated, but he needs to know.


Joe said...

Give Nerdist Podcast 92 a listen.

Justin De Lucia said...

And for what reason?

Anonymous said...

You should go back to making your game! I am sorry that bullies scared you out of it! You should upload whatever the hell you want to deviantart and your wiki page. The game was going to be free, right? look here:
do I look like I am afraid to use rosenkreuzstilette characters due to copyright reasons? and in a free game? no. I stayed true of my goal of making an rks x mlp x pokemon crossover, and now I have achieved it, and have an awesome game that is actually playable! you should not have to apologize for being innocent. Cuck fopyright, 'kay?

Anonymous said...

Just want to add one thing though. Porn is an exception to everything I said above. I saw your sexual freudia and spiritia pics and I didn't like them. I am going to assume the person saying your game has you bang Trauare was just being a jerk who makes stuff up. So please make your game innocent, 'kay!