Sunday, November 7, 2010

In loving memory of a certain someone...

Well, it appears as if I've got some rather (at least for me) depressing news. Gux-wrath-the-savior, one of my long-time buddies on deviantART, recently took the bullet and deactivated his account, and in the process, removed all of his fantastic artwork. And to be fair, his artwork is pretty amusing to look at. But many spectate that (no offense to anyone) another user actually drew the pictures and gave them to Gux for uploading. I don't care who drew them. Gux's account had some pretty nifty (and sexy) works, and I'm not going to let a little fact like that change my opinions of him.

So to be nice, I'm going to show some of the works that he has done in his lifetime of being a proud and successful deviant.
Grolla_Seyfarth_by_gux_wrath_the_savior.jpg picture by Superjustinbros
Jetter_Contest_Britly_I_B_by_gux_wrath_the_savior.jpg picture by Superjustinbros
RKS_Process_O_O_by_gux_wrath_the_savior.jpg picture by Superjustinbros
Sakaki_y_Kaisha_by_gux_wrath_the_savior.jpg picture by Superjustinbros
All images above are Gux-wrath's.

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Joe said...

An interesting lesson to be learned: When you see a picture, video, or article you like, SAVE IT!

Some people say once it's on the Internet, it's forever, not true. Stuff gets changed, edited, rewritten, or it disappears.

Good job and an atta-boy to Justin for saving and reposting Gux's work here.