Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Request/Looking for advice

Well guys, I'm back. Apparently there's nothing quite new going on recently. The two first days of school were alright. Could have been a little more entertaining, but in the end, it was okay. Glad I don't have any of my classes for two periods in a row. But now. It's time for the main event.

Kohtaroneedsyourhelp.jpg picture by Superjustinbros

Yes. Incase you're wondering, I'm requesting more help from the general public. And that is to get character artwork and mugshots from the absolutely epic series known as Shikigami no Shiro (or Castle of Shikigami in the US)

Basically, the purpose of this routine goes like this. If you ever have been on the Shikigami no Shiro Wiki, you may have noticed on several of the character's articles multiple artwork and images of the particular character. What's going on, is that I am trying to scout out full-body high-resolution images of the character artwork and mugshots from the second and third games so that I can use them on the Wiki.

The question is, how.

For those of you that have played several of the games in the series, you should know about the gallery mode present in many of them. Each time you see a new character mugshot, you unlock it in the gallery for further viewings, while other things (main promotional artwork) are available from the beginning. So what I want to do, is I want to basicaly use something (like a camera or program or something.) to take multiple high-quality (HQ) pictures of each of the mugshots zoomed-in as much as it will go. (this means I will have to take multiple images of one mugshot so I can attach then like the pieces of a puzzle. Unfortunately, I don't have anything I can use to take screenshots of a television's screen digitally. And I don't want to go through trying to download a Wii emulator and finding the game's ROM online. (and I'm pretty positive the Japanese PC port of Shikigami no Shiro III doesn't offer a full gallery.

As for the official artwork of the characters from the third game, yes. I'm trying to scout them out as well, with best resolutions possible. Why I say this, is because the artwork shown in the game's art section only shows a very limited amount of the character's body, unlike the second, which showed the character's entire full body. Therefore, because of that, I'm scouting out the original full-body (or at least good rips from sites with as much of the character's body revealed at once) images.

Well, if any of the above information was too complex, let me sum it up. I'm trying to get all the character artworks and mugshots so I can use them on my Wiki, and for my own personal use as well. But I don't have, like I stated, any television screenshot-taking cameras, utilities, and programs.

If anyone wants to help me out, than feel free to send me the ripped graphics at full size to my e-mail (, so it spares me some trouble. Or, just let me know of a good utility/camera/program that takes high-quality pixel-perfect screenshots of a television screen that is also easy to use.

There, I said what I had to say.

And now to go off-topic a bit, I want everyone to check out this person on Youtube (or should I say Failtube?). He has a totally wicked collection of arcade games.

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Joe said...

If you have a stand alone DVD recorder you could record game play and then play it back on your computer using a program such as Power DVD to grab screen shots. I have no idea how this would look.

Roxio and a couple of other people make a USB video recorder.

I just tried popping in a WII disk in my computer and nothing happened. I have both a Blu-ray and DVD players.