Saturday, October 24, 2009

Haunted house+Amazing artist

Well, I got back from an haunted house exhibit, and it was pretty depressing. I got scared a couple of times, (well, that's what they are made for, right?) and I even attempted to fight back at the people that attempted to scare me, but of course, my parents had to prevent me from doing so. I was even planning to scare them back, but seeing as most of them were wearing masks, that task would be nearly impossible.

But what made it all bad, was the weather. It was poring nearly 75% the time I was there, but at least I know that tomorrow will be much better. :)

Oh, and one more thing:
This is an portrait I did of Andrea Cote, an amazing artist I was mentioned of when I went to an art show on an school trip. She's a pretty talented girl, so I made this for her.

If you would like to see how talented she actually is, here's the link.

And now, another Youtube Poop. I must say, this is an excellent one.

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Anonymous said...

You drew her very cute~~ I'm still trying to learn how to draw and I like how yours turned out~ :D