Thursday, July 23, 2009

We got a slight problem

It appears that the DA community needs some more better quality Rosenkreuzstilette images, (as stated by good ol' Letty Whiterock) like ones that actually look amazing, done by those extremely awesome artists such as the extremely popular artist GENZOMAN, and many others who are well experienced with anatomy. (drawing the human body correctly) However, the sad thing is that many of these artists either do not accept requests or art trades, or do commissions (requests that you pay for) instead. I am getting a little better in drawing characters, with very little mistakes, but I feel many others could do better. Although I happen to like the Rosenkreuzstilette images that akira-hikari did, as well as some other artists works, such as steohen2 and gux-wrath-the-savior. No offense, but I feel the deviantART community needs some better Rosenkreuzstilette images. Well, that just about raps it up. If the Pixiv Rosenkreuzstilette artists decide to go to deviantART and create accounts, I will be so happy, I'll just love deviantART forever. :love:

Also, here are two more images by me. Enjoy.

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